Why Should You Consider Acrylic Printing For Your Next Photography Project?

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Acrylic printing is a type of digital printing that uses acrylic instead of paper to produce prints. It has several advantages over traditional printing methods. Today, it has become popular for t-shirt printers and human photography. If you're considering acrylic printing for your next project, here are five things you need to know:

1. Acrylic Prints Are Durable

Unlike traditional prints, which are mounted on paper or fabric, acrylic prints are printed directly onto an acrylic sheet. This gives the finished piece a clean, modern look and makes it much more durable. 

Acrylic sheets are not vulnerable to the things that damage paper, including moisture, humidity, and UV light. They are also scratch resistant and can be cleaned with a soft cloth without damaging the surface.

They're less likely to fade or be damaged by UV light, and they're also waterproof. This makes them great for prints displayed outdoors or in other high-traffic areas.

2. They Are Resistant to Fading

Acrylic prints are made by bonding a photo print to an acrylic sheet. This gives the print a deep, glossy finish and makes it extremely resistant to fading. You can use a wider range of inks and substrates with acrylic prints. You can even use recycled acrylic sheets. This means you can get creative with your printing projects and use a wider range of materials.

Because of the way they reflect light, acrylic prints can appear brighter and more vibrant than other types of print. So if you're looking for a high-impact piece of artwork, an acrylic print could be a perfect choice.

3. They Are Lighter and Less Bulky

Unlike traditional prints, which use paper or canvas, acrylic printing uses a plastic substrate. As a result, acrylic prints are lighter and less bulky than traditional prints, making them easier to transport and store. 

4. They Do Not Need Framing

When displaying your favorite photos, you want them to look their best. That's why many people choose to have their pictures printed on acrylic. Acrylic prints are stunning and contemporary, and they don't require framing. 

Acrylic prints can be hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf. They come with all the hardware for hanging, so you can choose the display option that best suits your needs. Acrylic prints are sure to wow anyone who receives one.

Acrylic prints are an affordable way to display your favorite photos. They are also easy to care for—just wipe them down with a soft cloth if they get dusty. Consider getting an acrylic print if you're looking for a beautiful and modern way to display your photos.

The printing industry has become more competitive, and if you're looking for an edge, you should consider methods that take advantage of digital technology and modern materials. Speak to acrylic printing services about your expectations for the next project. 



8 August 2022

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