4 Safety Tips to Remember When Using a Pallet Jack

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A pallet jack can be a very handy piece of equipment when you need to haul around pallets full of heavy items. However, they can be dangerous if they are not used correctly. Although it is not necessary to become licensed in order to use one, it is important to follow certain precautions to keep yourself and others around you safe. Luckily, following these tips can help prevent an accident. 1. Perform a Quick Inspection First of all, you should perform a quick inspection before using your pallet jack. Check the pallet jack first to ensure that the wheels are clean and not cracked and that they seem to be rolling smoothly. Examine the rest of the pallet jack for loose screws or bolts or other indications that something might be wrong. Then, carefully check over any pallets that you are going to be loading to ensure that they are clean and in good, sturdy condition. 2. Push, Don’t Pull When operating a pallet jack, remember to push and not pull. If you pull the pallet jack, you could lose control of it. This is especially important so that you can maintain control when going down an incline. 3. Stay Out of the Way Be careful when loading or using the pallet jack. Make sure that you never put your feet beneath it, even when you think it is stable and in place. Advise others in the work area to stay away from the pallet jack while you are using it, and advise others of proper use of a pallet jack if they are going to be helping you or are otherwise going to be nearby. 4. Don’t Overload If you aren’t careful and overload your pallet jack, you could cause serious damage to the pallet jack. For example, an overload could cause the wheels, brakes, or other components to be under too much pressure, and if a part fails while you’re using the pallet jack, it could be very dangerous for you and anyone else who is in the surrounding area. Plus, even if there is not a part failure, overloading your pallet jack can make it much more difficult to steer and control, which could cause an accident as well. You might rely on your pallet jack to get the job done each and every day. However, if you aren’t careful, you or someone else could get hurt. Luckily, following these four pallet jack safety tips can help keep you...

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Electrical Redesign And Upgrades For Computer Departments

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Keeping up with the latest technology can be a considerable investment. You’ll need to choose between getting general computers for office workers at the right value and efficiency without constantly upgrading at minor changes in the computer industry, as well as finding the right specialized computers for heavy-duty use. Along with these computer needs is the electrical system demand, which can lead to lost productivity or computer damage if your electrical wiring isn’t finely-tuned. If you’re working with an older building or a makeshift work center with rushed, poor wiring, take the time to understand computer demand and electrical wiring needs. What Are The Electrical Demands Of Computers? Computers have the benefit of being fairly standardized, especially if you’re buying in bulk to staff entire departments. Although there is no single wattage that covers the entire business computer category, many modern personal computers and business workstations operate around 400w to 600w. This amount can increase depending on specialization. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) computers have graphics cards for rendering (creating) complex designs, while medical research computers feature powerful processors for calculating multiple points of large-sized data at the same time. Music production studios or multimedia companies may need a sound card, which allows instruments to be connected to the computer and can assist in creating unique sounds. These cards are called expansion cards, and may demand even more power. Faster processors for these advanced tasks may be necessary as well, while personal computers and business computers barely go beyond web browsing, creating documents or checking emails. A single computer may not be a big deal when working with a commercial-purpose building, but the electrical load can add up quickly when installing computers at the department level.  Electrical Sensitivity And Poor Wiring With older buildings, wear and tear may have already reduced the wiring to brittle remnants of copper. As electricity is a source of heat, this wear and tear can become worse as a more constant demand of electricity comes through. Computers add to the problem by not only being a consistent demand for electricity, but being sensitive to a lack of electricity. Larger industrial machines may not show the problem, but small power loss events can happen throughout the day. You may not notice the power loss outside of a brief flicker of the lights in a specific room, but computers can fail during these power loss situations.  To solve both problems, commercial electrical contractors can replace the wiring at the most basic service level. Beyond that, electricians can install a more sophisticated network of wiring and power distribution panels to make the load of electricity more even. A single wire won’t have to handle as much of an electrical burden, reducing overall heat and making it less likely to overload a single outlets. Contact an electrician like ABC Electric Co to survey your electrical needs for computer departments and general electrical...

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Have You Broken A Bolt? Learn How To Easily Identify And Replace It

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Breaking a mystery bolt on a piece of equipment can be frustrating, but look on the bright side: now’s your chance to be Sherlock Holmes! Instead of just taking the bolt to your usual supplier and hoping they can find a match, why not try to identify it yourself? You might be able to find a better deal from another supplier or a local hardware store when you know exactly what you need. The Grade Is What Counts If you previously got your hardware from an industry source, you might worry that consumer-quality hardware won’t be able to withstand the same pressures as your old bolts. Fortunately, this concern isn’t valid. All bolts are evaluated on the same grading system before sale, which means you can get your bolts from anywhere as long as they match or exceed the grade of your old ones. If you only need to replace one or two pieces of hardware, a local shop may save you hundreds if it carries high-grade materials. On the other hand, it’s common knowledge that buying in bulk will save you money. Even though you can source hundreds of bolts from a smaller hardware store, your repairs might end up costing less for big jobs if you go to a wholesale supplier. Keep in mind that you might have to have a business license to shop with most wholesalers. If You Can’t Tell, Bet High Usually, you can use a marking guide to identify the grade of a bolt, as well as other information about it, like how much pressure it can withstand and who manufactured it. Some bolts have duplicate markings, however, which makes it difficult to know their quality without knowing who made them. Others may be unmarked, leaving you to guess the grade from just the size and shape of the piece. When this happens, it’s still not cause for alarm. Simply write down each possibility as you look through the bolt chart, and replace the piece with the strongest one on the list. Nothing will break if your bolt is too good at its job, so there’s no penalty for going over the necessary bolt strength. If you know how much pressure the bolt needs to withstand, you can opt for a weaker replacement that still meets your needs, which might cut your repair costs slightly. Don’t let a broken bolt get you down! Instead, treat it as a chance to solve a mystery. You might learn something useful about your equipment, or even save money on replacement hardware. For more information, contact McFadden-Dale Industrial Hardware or a similar...

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Well Installation vs. Water Filtration System: Which Choice Is Better?

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Having access to pure, safe and great tasting water is something that is sought after by just about everyone. Tap water isn’t always acceptable for all people, as many consumers fear it may be contaminated with potential toxins, and bottled water isn’t always much better. This has made well water and full-house filtration systems popular alternatives. If you are trying to decide whether to have a well placed on your property or have a water filtration system installed, then here are some things to consider before making a final decision. The cost of each option Having a well drilled is going to be much substantially more expensive than a water infiltration system. If you’re on a budget, then paying for water well drilling might prove to be nearly impossible. A well can cost as few as $1500 to as much as $12,000 or even more, depending on how deep the drilling needs to be done in addition to other factors like the size of the well and more. A water filtration system can cost around $15 for a faucet fixture to a maximum of $10,000 if you want a system for the whole house. It can be a relatively inexpensive way to access toxin-free water in your home. Do you have other water options? If you’re going to be moving into a rural home soon and it doesn’t have a water source, then you may very well want to have a well drilled. As long as you’re able to comfortably afford such a project, then having a well can supply you with a constant supply of dependable water. Avoiding potential water contaminants If your main concern regarding water is avoiding potential toxins, then you should definitely consider having a full-house filtration system. Even though well water originates from underground and is considered to be a pure choice, environmental toxins, pathogens and more will likely be present in your water supply.  Taste For many people, well water tastes no different than water that has gone through a high quality water filtration system. For this reason, if you’re wondering which option will produce water with the best taste, then you will have a make a choice and then discover which type of water you like best. You might find that filtered water tastes better than water that comes from a well, which in most cases. However, taste is subjective, and every person has different opinions or preferences. Water is essential for everyone’s survival, and ensuring it is the highest quality possible before drinking it is just as important. Whether you decide to have a well placed on your property or have a filtration system, you will have high quality drinking and bathing water available at your disposal. One option isn’t necessarily better than the other, and it all depends on your budget, as well as your specific goals. For further insights on your options contact companies like Rippe Well Service...

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Exposing Two Myths About Commercial Access Control Systems

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When it comes to managing your enterprise, there are few things as fundamentally important as keeping the business safe from criminal activity. While traditional key and lock systems are among the most commonly used, they are not always the most effective or efficient option. For example, technological advances have made access control systems increasingly affordable and able to meet these needs. However, some business leaders may not know much about this type of security system, but learning the truth behind a couple of common myths will help them to decide whether this is a good option for their enterprise.   Myth: You Will Always Need Professional Help To Make Changes To The System There are a variety of changes that you will need to make to your system over the course of the time you have it. For example, you may need to delete a former employee’s access codes from the system or you may need to routinely issue new codes to your employees. While this may sound like a complicated task, these systems are designed so that you will be able to make these routine changes without the need to hire a professional  The exact steps for this will depend on your system, but many of these are designed to work with a desktop computer. If you have this type of configuration, you will be able to quickly access the security settings for your system through a program on the computer, which contains the employee codes and access privileges. Other systems may simply have a primary control panel, and you will have to navigate this panel to make these changes.  Myth: Access Control Systems Are Maintenance Intensive Some business owners may avoid choosing to install access control systems because they assume they will require far more maintenance than traditional locks. Luckily, this is not the case because these systems are extremely reliable, and many problems can be corrected through the software.  Generally, the only maintenance that these systems require is a service visit every couple of years. These visits allow the technician to remove any dust that may have accumulated in the various components. If left in place, the dust will eventually cause portions of the system to malfunction. Also, the technician will test the wiring and connections inside the access control system to ensure there are no problems start to develop.  Upgrading your business’s locks to an access control system (from a local outlet such as Murrell Burglar Alarms) may significantly improve the safety and security of your building. However, these systems are far more complicated than traditional locks, and it is important for you to have the right information about them before you make a decision. Understanding that you can make many routine changes to the system without a professional’s help and that these systems are low maintenance should provide you with some of the information you need to make a...

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Avoiding Common Mistakes When Operating A Backhoe Loader

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The adjustable shovel found on a backhoe loader makes it a piece of heavy equipment that is uniquely suited for performing certain construction tasks. If your company finds the need to use backhoe loader for the first time, you will want to avoid these common mistakes.  There are several reasons why operators make mistakes that place themselves and others at risk. These include: The Right Operators The operator should ideally have prior experience operating a backhoe loader or should have undergone a training program. While there are no legal licensing requirements, having certification is a great qualification to use if you are hiring and seeking to limit the pool of applicants. The Appropriate Attire The operator should be wearing a hard hat, safety goggles, gloves and safety shoes. Also, when operating under dusty conditions, he or she should use a respirator. Safety Devices Fortunately, backhoe loaders come with may safety devices. For them to work, the operator must double-check them to make sure they are in good condition. Examples of safety devices include: Guards Backup warning systems Rollover protection structures Lights Mirrors Maintaining the Machine Backhoe loaders are hydraulic machines that are powered using hydraulic oil. Make sure that you leave the hydraulic oil in the machine rather than changing it. Only change the oil if it has become degraded or if the oil or oil additive has become depleted. You cannot determine when your oil needs to be changed by the hours that the backhoe loader has been in service, but instead only by an oil analysis. Backhoe loaders have detachable buckets. If these are not correctly attached to the backhoe loader, the bucket can become detached while in use, which can place other workers in danger. Therefore, they must always be double-checked prior to using the loader. Operating the Backhoe Loader Some operators will try to drive up or down a slope with a backhoe loader. Then, they turn too sharply, causing the backhoe loader to turn over. If the operator needs to turn the backhoe loader, the best place to do so is on level ground. Like with most pieces of heavy equipment (available from companies like Rotating Services), the operator must pay careful attention his or her surroundings. There should be a second worker who is responsible for using a non-verbal communication system, such as hand signals, to guide the operator past any hazards and to keep other workers away from the loader....

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Do You Sell Products? Tips On Using The Right Packaging

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If you sell a product that sits on a shelf, you should be mindful of the packaging you use. The right kind will call out to people as they are walking past it, so they will pick it up and purchase it. Below are some tips to help you package your products in a way that people will remember who your company is and the product you sell. Make It Different Make your packaging different from the other items on the shelf so it stands out. For example, put your logo in 3D on the packaging. If you sell something in a bottle, put a shrink wrap on it showing colorful graphics along with your logo.  Remember, however, you should not use too many colors as this can make things look confusing to the shoppers. You want your advertisement to be clearly seen. Walk in the store where your products will be sitting, and look at the products of other manufacturers that will sitting next to them. If these products are red, make yours yellow. Make your packaging a different shape than the others.  Ask the store owner to place your package in the middle shelf, if possible. People will not have to look too far up or down to see it, but have it more at eye level. Make It Sustainable Many people today are concerned about the environment. For this reason, use recyclable materials in your packaging, and display this fact so buyers can see it. They very well may pick up your product over another for this reason only. Advertise on the packaging that you do not use any non-toxic products and put a small logo on it asking them to please recycle. For example, corrugated cardboard is not only recyclable but it is also lightweight. Make It Simple Your customers should be able to open the packaging within a few seconds without difficulty. For example, tape the package lid down instead of using thick staples. Do not have excess material inside the packaging once they customers get it open, such as too much wrapping around the product, so they can get to it faster. It is a good idea to hire a good design company to design your packaging for you if you are not skilled at doing this yourself. They are experienced in the best place to put your logo, the best colors to use, and more. For more information, contact a company like Northwest Paper...

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Take Your Muscle Car Customization to The Next Level with a New Steel Dashboard

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If you’ve done all of the classic modifications to make your vintage muscle car as uniquely “you” as possible, like new seats, custom paint, and a performance upgrade or two, and feel as though you’re out of ideas, a custom steel dashboard might be your next step. A new steel dashboard is a great way to breathe new life into your car’s interior, and is a great outside-the-box addition to spice up any classic car’s interior.  Different Options When designing your custom steel dashboard, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can opt for any color combination and trim that you’d like, and as long as you make room for all of the appropriate dials and controls, you can have the part made into any shape you can dream up. Custom finishing options like brushed steel or diamond plating are cool ways to add some texture to the mix and increase the customization even further.  Out with the Old In order to replace the dash panel, you’re going to need to take out the old one, which you can then use for a template in designing the new one. To do this, you’re going to need your car’s manual and a good working knowledge of what you’re doing. If you’ve never done work on the dash before, it’s going to be nearly impossible. However, the basic steps are fairly easy to follow, and if you have a good knowledge of your car’s dashboard, you can do this step yourself and save yourself the trouble of taking it to a mechanic.  Getting It Done The process of having the custom dashboard made is probably the easiest part of the entire process. Some companies can even take your existing dash panel and some aesthetic specifications from you and do the entire thing without you having to lift a finger. Other companies will ask for an outline in poster board of the dash board and some other measurements, which you can then send by mail or bring in and talk to a steel fabricator about creating the new dashboard.  Having a new steel dashboard made is the ultimate way to bring your custom muscle car to a whole new level, and the process is fairly easy and very straightforward. It only takes a weekend of work and a little bit of waiting to go from looking at the same outdated dashboard on every road trip to staring over your own custom steel creation when you get behind the wheel. Talk to a professional like Simko Industrial Fabricators for more...

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2 Tips To Help You Order The Right Size Dumpster

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If your business is getting ready to do some spring cleaning, you may want to rent an extra dumpster for the project. This dumpster could be used for all the trash you find during the clean-up job, and by renting a second dumpster, you will not take up space in your normal container. When the time comes to get a dumpster, here are two things to consider: 1. Type of dumpster Dumpsters come in many sizes and types, but one type might be better for your job. The most common type is a top-load dumpster. This is the type that is open on the top, and you will need to throw the trash in from the top. The disadvantage to this type is that it can be hard to use if you have things that are really heavy. The other common option is a side-load dumpster, which is sometimes referred to as a front-load dumpster. With this option, the side of the dumpster opens up. This allows you to walk inside the box, and it makes it easier if you have to throw away things that are heavy. At this time, you may also want to look into the available sizes of dumpsters too. Larger ones may cost more to rent, but you might be able to choose a smaller one if you carefully analyze the trash that you will be throwing in it. 2. Items to throw away Many of the items you need to throw away can legally be placed in a dumpster, but there may be things you come across that cannot be thrown away. Before you rent a dumpster, you may want to determine what types of items you have. If you primarily have things to pitch, such as old cans of paint or cleaning solutions, a dumpster might not be necessary. These are items that you should not place in a dumpster because they can contaminate the earth. As you look at the trash you have, you should determine how much will really go in the dumpster. By thinking this through before you order the dumpster, you might be able to save some money. You could possibly get by with ordering a smaller dumpster, and the rest of the items could be recycled at local recycling businesses. To learn more about the types of dumpsters available for rent, contact a company that offers dumpster rental services. They can help you select the right size, and they will deliver to your...

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Take Time To Find Computer Scrap Recycling Points

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Whether you’re throwing out a single old computer or a department of recently replaced workstations, there are valuable materials that can be found. Scrap metal recycling and old component reuse can be helpful to both you and the recycling center if you take the time to analyze what you have on hand. As you peek through your old systems, consider a few scrap metal searching concepts that can help you understand what to keep for yourself and what to remove for scrapping. Metal Content In Cases Computer cases made approximately before the year 2000 were often made of aluminum or steel cases designed to deal with some rough handling as people became more accustomed to personal computers. As plastics and style demands made custom designs more attractive, the metal content began to decrease. Thankfully, there are still a few structural areas made of metal. Underneath the plastic should be the same old aluminum framework, lacking only the heavy metal cover and face plates. The plastic is usually held in place by removable tabs, although plastic plates can be removed by force. Be careful, as some computer cases are manufactured quickly with sharp edges that aren’t sanded down. If the recycling center requires that all or most plastics be removed for specific metal scrapping, be sure to look inside the case and framework for any fan covers, loading rails or covers made of plastic that needs to be removed. Hard Drive For Continuing A Legacy Don’t throw away your old hard drives unless you’re sure they’re not working! Test them out in another computer, as you could be throwing away valuable files or bulk storage that can be useful in the future. Many hard drives can be connected with little to no configuration changes. At worst, a working hard drive needs to be made a “slave” or “secondary” hard drive that simply appears as another set of folders. If there’s nothing important, you could just erase the drive and prepare it for new use in a process called formatting. If the hard drive isn’t working at all, you can scrap it for some quite valuable materials. The casing is often made of aluminum and there are some drives that include copper framework. Rare earth magnets are also featured in hard drives that use actuator arms to read information. These magnets have a specific market and can be quite valuable on their own, often being worth more than their hard drives if the drives are old or limited in size. For more information about scrap metal recycling, visit or a similar...

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