Things That A Metal Fabrication Shop Can Do For You

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Metal fabrication encompasses many different things, and most of the time, the metalwork involves custom fabrication for a specific need. The metal fabrication shop you are working with can create many things for you, but they can also modify existing items to make them work better in your situation.

Custom Cutting 

Cutting through large sheets of steel or other metals can be extremely difficult without the right tools. If you need to cut out a precise shape, it further complicates things, but a metal fabrication shop can use several different tools to make the cuts for you. 

A plasma table is one option and is computer-controlled, so once the shape or design is programmed into the computer, the cutter will follow a preset path to make the cuts right where they need to be. The plasma cutter will burn through heavy gauge steel and other materials but does have some limitations. 

A water jet is very similar to the plasma table, but it uses high-pressure water to make the cuts in the material and can often deal with thicker materials than the plasma cutter. If the metal fabrication shop has either of these tools, the fabricator can cut out the shapes to fit your needs, and they can repeat the cuts precisely, so repeated production is possible with these machines. 

Custom Welding

Metal fabrication shops often weld materials together to form custom parts or products. A good shop will have many welding options that you may need, including MIG (metal inert gas), TIG (tungsten inert gas), and Arch welding that can be used with many different material types and thicknesses. 

Welding is often a large part of the business for metal fabrication shops, and the welds they produce are incredibly high quality and strong. If you need a bracket or support welded, a good fabrication shop can ensure the bracket will do the job you need without the concern of it failing. 

Custom Fabrication

Most metal fabrication shops offer complete custom fabrication that can start as nothing more than a drawing on a piece of paper. Creating completely custom parts or assemblies that will meet your expectations is what metal fabrication is about. 

When you need something that does not already exist or are looking for a better way to do something, collaborating with a fabricator to come up with a design is an excellent place to start. Once the design is worked out, the fabricator can make all the parts you need and deliver them in a time frame that meets your needs.

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