Exposing Routinely Believed Myths About Air Compressors


Air compressors can be extremely versatile tools, and they can also represent a relatively large investment. This will result in it being necessary to take extremely good care of this tool to avoid the need to replace it. To better understand the needs of these devices, there are some notions that may need to be rebuked.

Myth: The Only Maintenance That Air Compressors Need Is To Have The Air Filter Changed

One of the most frequent forms of maintenance that an air compressor will need is for the air filter to be replaced. This filter limits the ability of dust and dirt to block the airflow to the compressor. However, this is not the only care that our air compressor requires. It will also be necessary to regularly clean the exterior of the unit so as to prevent particulate matter from getting inside the system. Also, you will need to empty the condensation pan after each use as this will collect the condensation that forms as the air is compressed. Due to the variations in designs, there may be other steps that you also need to complete, but this will be available in the owner's manual.

Myth: Air Compressors Always Require An Electrical Outlet To Function

It can be a common assumption that an air compressor will need to be connected to an electrical outlet to function. While these devices will need a source of power, there are other more portable option that may be used. For example, there are many small air compressors that can operate off of a battery. If you are needing a large industrial air compressor, you can still enjoy greater portability by choosing a unit that comes with a gas or diesel generator. When you operate a gas or diesel powered air compressor, you must ensure that this is done outside to avoid accidentally exposing yourself to harmful fumes.

Myth: Since Air Compressors Are Made Of Stainless Steel, It Does Not Matter Where You Store Them

Due to the fact that air compressors are often made of stainless steel, there are people that may incorrectly store these tools. While the stainless steel will be extremely resistant to corrosion, the internal wiring and other sensitive parts of the air compressor can suffer damage from being exposed to moisture for a long period of time. Due to these hazards, you should always make sure that you are storing your air compressor in an area that has low humidity and regular temperatures.

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21 December 2016

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