Why Aluminum Sand Casting May Be The Best Molding Technique For Your Prototypes

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Finding the most affordable options for producing your metal prototypes is a vital aspect of running a profitable precision metal shop. When you invest the time in designing a part or parts for a customer, having a fast, reliable method for producing a prototype of your design is important for making the most profit on that particular design. Saving time is saving money in any business, especially when it comes to the production of precision metal parts. Check out the time and money-saving benefits of aluminum sand casting for your prototypes.

Sand Casting Offers Design Flexibility

Many of the prototypes you design may have intricate designs. When your customer has a need for a part that has protuberances, feet and other detailed parts, sand casting molds will turn out prototypes with these parts on them without having to go through several additional steps. With aluminum sand casting, you do not have to worry about being limited during your design efforts.

Shorter Tooling Time Equals Greater Profits

When the time it takes to produce a prototype is greatly reduced, you have more time to show it to your customer. The less time you spend creating a prototype, the more time you have for making the parts that will bring in the money. If you spend a lot of time setting up other types of molds, you lose time that could be spent working on the actual products. Investing in aluminum sand casting is worthwhile and cost effective.

Longer Tool Life Means You Save

The tools necessary for producing prototypes using an aluminum sand casting method are long-lasting and can be used over and over again, including the sand/clay mixture used for making molds. When you do not have to spend time and money on tooling and special parts for creating a mold, you save a great deal of money. With some molding techniques, hours are spent putting together machinery and gathering tools. When you are making one prototype, the time to put together a mold needs to be well-spent and faster.

Easy Modification Between Prototype Molds is Beneficial

Once you have completed a prototype, you will need to change over the casting process for the next one. With some machinery and other techniques, the time it takes for modification can be long and tedious. However, with sand casting, all you will need to do is dump the sand and dust out the box it was in. Mold modification that does not require several steps is certainly a huge time and money-saving benefit.

Aluminum sand casting is a great and reliable method of molding the prototypes you design for your customers.


21 July 2016

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