Experienced Welder Working For A Fabrication Company? Welding Projects You Can Make At Home

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If you are an experienced welder who works for a fabrication company, you can also weld at home. This will not only increase your experience, but you may even make some money on the side. Get your welder ready along with the safety equipment you need and try your hand at making the projects below.

Make Car Ramps

Car ramps are needed by mechanics, individual vehicle enthusiasts, and car businesses. There will always be times when the front or back of the vehicle will needed to be lifted up only slightly. You can make custom car ramps for individual people. Ramps are needed in different sizes. For example, a small car needs a small set of ramps and a large vehicle will need much larger ramps. Set a price for each size, with the price going up as the ramps get larger. Before you know it, you will have clients and be making some money on the side that could turn into a full-fledged business.

Make a Workbench

People can use a workbench in their garage, shop, craft room, and many other places. This is an easy project, especially for someone that is an experienced welder. If you want to go a little further, create a smaller workbench that is easy to move around. This could also be an item that you could sell. If so, make them in different sizes so people have a variety to choose from.

Make a Welding Table

Because you are a welder, you know how important it is to have a sturdy welding table to work on. Because you will be welding on this table, it has to be thick metal that can stand up to heat, as well as accidental cuts you may make. When making it, make sure it is at the right height for you. If you know a lot of welders, they would likely want to buy a welding table from you.

Make Welding Rod Storage

You can make a welding rod storage container to hold all your loose welding rods. These rods can easily roll around on tables and desks so this can be very convenient. It can also help keep your things much more organized. To make this, use the largest piece of box iron that you have. Cut it to a length that is long enough to hold the rods uptight. This will allow you to grab them easily.  Weld it to a metal plate that is wide enough to support the box iron.

These are just some projects you can make at home with your welder. 

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