3 Things That Small E-Commerce Business Owners Need To Consider


Being a small e-commerce business owner can be rewarding, as long as you're willing to accept a certain amount of risk. To make sure that you're doing what's best for yourself and your organization, ask yourself these three questions.

1. Have I set up my physical space in the best way?

The money you pay for your real estate is likely one of your largest expenses. When you're analyzing whether you're getting the most out of your investment, remember that a commercial space has three dimensions. In addition to considering the length and width of an area, take into account its height.

With the right pallet racking system in place, you can maximize your efficiency. Instead of spreading everything out on the floor or stacking boxes on top of each other, you can build a structure to allow you to use your vertical space. You'll be able to better organize your inventory, you'll find items more quickly, and you'll probably reduce the chances of injury in your facility. Slips, trips, and falls are the top three reasons for warehouse injuries (which can be costly), and a warehouse in which boxes are neatly stacked on pallets is much safer than the alternative.

To find pallet, contact local companies like Commercial Hardware.

2. Are you getting feedback from your customers?

People want to buy products that they know have worked for others. A recent study showed that 90% of respondents were influenced into purchasing something by reading positive online reviews, so encourage your customers to leave feedback for you in a public forum.

You can check in with them a few days after they've received their product to make sure that everything met their expectations. While doing so, you're showing that you value their opinions, and you're giving yourself the opportunity to gently remind them to share their positive experiences with others.

3. Are you taking advantage of technology?

Social media and on-line communication have become essential to the success of many small businesses. They provide a low-cost, highly effective way to contact people in your target audience. There are several companies that can help you set up an email distribution list for free or for a small annual fee. Wherever you may be, you can send out email messages with plenty of graphics and links to your website. All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Social media is essentially a free way to advertise and engage with your community. About 75 million Americans check in with social media multiple times a day, making it the ideal way to market your brand. Keeping things short and sweet is a good rule of thumb to follow when making posts.

Whether you've been in business for awhile or are just starting out, thinking about these three things can make sure you're set up for success.


12 January 2016

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