Have You Broken A Bolt? Learn How To Easily Identify And Replace It

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Breaking a mystery bolt on a piece of equipment can be frustrating, but look on the bright side: now's your chance to be Sherlock Holmes! Instead of just taking the bolt to your usual supplier and hoping they can find a match, why not try to identify it yourself? You might be able to find a better deal from another supplier or a local hardware store when you know exactly what you need.

The Grade Is What Counts

If you previously got your hardware from an industry source, you might worry that consumer-quality hardware won't be able to withstand the same pressures as your old bolts. Fortunately, this concern isn't valid. All bolts are evaluated on the same grading system before sale, which means you can get your bolts from anywhere as long as they match or exceed the grade of your old ones.

If you only need to replace one or two pieces of hardware, a local shop may save you hundreds if it carries high-grade materials. On the other hand, it's common knowledge that buying in bulk will save you money. Even though you can source hundreds of bolts from a smaller hardware store, your repairs might end up costing less for big jobs if you go to a wholesale supplier. Keep in mind that you might have to have a business license to shop with most wholesalers.

If You Can't Tell, Bet High

Usually, you can use a marking guide to identify the grade of a bolt, as well as other information about it, like how much pressure it can withstand and who manufactured it. Some bolts have duplicate markings, however, which makes it difficult to know their quality without knowing who made them. Others may be unmarked, leaving you to guess the grade from just the size and shape of the piece.

When this happens, it's still not cause for alarm. Simply write down each possibility as you look through the bolt chart, and replace the piece with the strongest one on the list. Nothing will break if your bolt is too good at its job, so there's no penalty for going over the necessary bolt strength. If you know how much pressure the bolt needs to withstand, you can opt for a weaker replacement that still meets your needs, which might cut your repair costs slightly.

Don't let a broken bolt get you down! Instead, treat it as a chance to solve a mystery. You might learn something useful about your equipment, or even save money on replacement hardware. For more information, contact McFadden-Dale Industrial Hardware or a similar location.


1 September 2015

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