Exposing Two Myths About Commercial Access Control Systems


When it comes to managing your enterprise, there are few things as fundamentally important as keeping the business safe from criminal activity. While traditional key and lock systems are among the most commonly used, they are not always the most effective or efficient option. For example, technological advances have made access control systems increasingly affordable and able to meet these needs. However, some business leaders may not know much about this type of security system, but learning the truth behind a couple of common myths will help them to decide whether this is a good option for their enterprise.  

Myth: You Will Always Need Professional Help To Make Changes To The System

There are a variety of changes that you will need to make to your system over the course of the time you have it. For example, you may need to delete a former employee's access codes from the system or you may need to routinely issue new codes to your employees. While this may sound like a complicated task, these systems are designed so that you will be able to make these routine changes without the need to hire a professional 

The exact steps for this will depend on your system, but many of these are designed to work with a desktop computer. If you have this type of configuration, you will be able to quickly access the security settings for your system through a program on the computer, which contains the employee codes and access privileges. Other systems may simply have a primary control panel, and you will have to navigate this panel to make these changes. 

Myth: Access Control Systems Are Maintenance Intensive

Some business owners may avoid choosing to install access control systems because they assume they will require far more maintenance than traditional locks. Luckily, this is not the case because these systems are extremely reliable, and many problems can be corrected through the software. 

Generally, the only maintenance that these systems require is a service visit every couple of years. These visits allow the technician to remove any dust that may have accumulated in the various components. If left in place, the dust will eventually cause portions of the system to malfunction. Also, the technician will test the wiring and connections inside the access control system to ensure there are no problems start to develop. 

Upgrading your business's locks to an access control system (from a local outlet such as Murrell Burglar Alarms) may significantly improve the safety and security of your building. However, these systems are far more complicated than traditional locks, and it is important for you to have the right information about them before you make a decision. Understanding that you can make many routine changes to the system without a professional's help and that these systems are low maintenance should provide you with some of the information you need to make a choice.


1 July 2015

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