Do You Sell Products? Tips On Using The Right Packaging

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If you sell a product that sits on a shelf, you should be mindful of the packaging you use. The right kind will call out to people as they are walking past it, so they will pick it up and purchase it. Below are some tips to help you package your products in a way that people will remember who your company is and the product you sell.

Make It Different

Make your packaging different from the other items on the shelf so it stands out. For example, put your logo in 3D on the packaging. If you sell something in a bottle, put a shrink wrap on it showing colorful graphics along with your logo.  Remember, however, you should not use too many colors as this can make things look confusing to the shoppers. You want your advertisement to be clearly seen.

Walk in the store where your products will be sitting, and look at the products of other manufacturers that will sitting next to them. If these products are red, make yours yellow. Make your packaging a different shape than the others.  Ask the store owner to place your package in the middle shelf, if possible. People will not have to look too far up or down to see it, but have it more at eye level.

Make It Sustainable

Many people today are concerned about the environment. For this reason, use recyclable materials in your packaging, and display this fact so buyers can see it. They very well may pick up your product over another for this reason only. Advertise on the packaging that you do not use any non-toxic products and put a small logo on it asking them to please recycle. For example, corrugated cardboard is not only recyclable but it is also lightweight.

Make It Simple

Your customers should be able to open the packaging within a few seconds without difficulty. For example, tape the package lid down instead of using thick staples. Do not have excess material inside the packaging once they customers get it open, such as too much wrapping around the product, so they can get to it faster.

It is a good idea to hire a good design company to design your packaging for you if you are not skilled at doing this yourself. They are experienced in the best place to put your logo, the best colors to use, and more. For more information, contact a company like Northwest Paper Box.


5 May 2015

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