5 Balances And Scales Your New Pharmacy Needs

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Getting chemicals and medications mixed correctly is vital for your pharmacy. Here are five balances you should consider having, since they can help you check and double check your measurements. 

Multipurpose Balances

These balances are important to have on hand, because they are verified for use in laboratories and medicinal settings. They can handle heavier weights, like that of gold bars, or they can be used to measure small pills to make sure they aren't too heavy or contain too much medicine. 

This kind of balance is specifically for pill counting, helping you make sure your patients get what they pay for. 

Precision Balances

Precision balances are absolutely necessary for pharmacies. They can weigh medicine that is as fine as dust or weigh solid pills.

These balances are calibrated, so they are perfect for laboratories and industrial applications. They are often used as second-check balances; this means that after you have created a medication or mixture, you can use this balance to verify the weight. 

These balances are often found at quality-assurance laboratories, so having one on hand can decrease the risk of mistakes reaching your patients. 

Pharmacy Scales

When you're mixing a medication, accuracy down to the gram or milligram is required. Pharmacy scales:

  • Offer recipe making functions.
  • Use symbols to represent weights and characteristics.
  • Are precise, allowing for perfect mixtures. 
  • May be verified for accuracy and specifications. 

To meet the standards required, these scales must be officially verified for making medications in the pharmacy, so keep that in mind when you buy. 

Spring Scales

Do you need to weight an item in situ? If the accuracy can vary slightly, then this kind of scale will work for you. The scales can weigh liquids or in-situ items in Newtons or grams. 

All you have to do with a spring scale is to hook up vials or other liquid containers to a hook on the scale. Subtract the weight of the container, and you have the weight of the liquid inside. 

Moisture Balances

If you're worried that you may be using less powder in a medication than you mean to due to humidity and moisture, a moisture balance can help. This device measures the moisture in the powder, allowing you to determine the true weight of the powder you're adding to a medication or paste. 

These are a few scales, available from Strack Scale Services, that may be helpful to you in your pharmacy. Try them, and you'll love the increased productivity you see as a result.


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