4 Tips for Door Safety in a Warehouse

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Choosing safe commercial doors for your warehouse or multi-use work floor requires careful planning and consideration of common accident causes. The following tips can help you make the right choice.

Tip #1: Know the purpose

The main purpose of the door is the key to choosing the right door. For example, if the door separate a room where hazardous materials are kept or where fire danger exists, garage-style doors that can be locked down and sealed, or that provide fire insulation, are the safest choice. On the other hand, if the main purpose of the door is to provide a physical barrier, you may not need to invest in as much insulation and can use simple swinging doors instead.

Tip #2: Increase visibility

Common door accidents occur when one person is approaching the door from one side while someone else pushes it open from the opposite side and someone gets hit in the face. There are two door options that can help avoid this. The first option is simple: choose doors with a window in them. You can even select commercial doors with safety glass so breakage isn't a concern. Another option is to use a double swinging door set up. Users always go through the door to the right, which means oncoming traffic will always be using the opposite door.

Tip #3: Use doors that are safe for machines

Some doors are shared by machine and man, such as forklifts going between rooms in a large warehouse. Overhead doors with safety alerts and gates are the best option. The machinery user can simply use a button or remote control to turn on a flashing light or sound alert and bring down a safety alarm. This alerts those on foot and prevents them from accessing the doorway until after the machinery has moved through.

Tip #4: Opt for smooth operation

Smooth operation is a must, especially for overhead doors. Fighting to open or close a sticking door can lead to accidents, especially if the door begins moving abruptly. Automatic doors that open in response to an approach or at the push of a button can help avoid the need to force an opening. Overhead doors must lift smoothly and stay put once they are opened. A door that slips down by even a few inches can interfere with tall equipment trying to pass underneath, resulting in an accident.

Consult with a commercial door provider like Steel Doors to find the options and door types that will work best in your situation.


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