4 Safety Tips to Remember When Using a Pallet Jack


A pallet jack can be a very handy piece of equipment when you need to haul around pallets full of heavy items. However, they can be dangerous if they are not used correctly. Although it is not necessary to become licensed in order to use one, it is important to follow certain precautions to keep yourself and others around you safe. Luckily, following these tips can help prevent an accident.

1. Perform a Quick Inspection

First of all, you should perform a quick inspection before using your pallet jack. Check the pallet jack first to ensure that the wheels are clean and not cracked and that they seem to be rolling smoothly. Examine the rest of the pallet jack for loose screws or bolts or other indications that something might be wrong. Then, carefully check over any pallets that you are going to be loading to ensure that they are clean and in good, sturdy condition.

2. Push, Don't Pull

When operating a pallet jack, remember to push and not pull. If you pull the pallet jack, you could lose control of it. This is especially important so that you can maintain control when going down an incline.

3. Stay Out of the Way

Be careful when loading or using the pallet jack. Make sure that you never put your feet beneath it, even when you think it is stable and in place. Advise others in the work area to stay away from the pallet jack while you are using it, and advise others of proper use of a pallet jack if they are going to be helping you or are otherwise going to be nearby.

4. Don't Overload

If you aren't careful and overload your pallet jack, you could cause serious damage to the pallet jack. For example, an overload could cause the wheels, brakes, or other components to be under too much pressure, and if a part fails while you're using the pallet jack, it could be very dangerous for you and anyone else who is in the surrounding area. Plus, even if there is not a part failure, overloading your pallet jack can make it much more difficult to steer and control, which could cause an accident as well.

You might rely on your pallet jack to get the job done each and every day. However, if you aren't careful, you or someone else could get hurt. Luckily, following these four pallet jack safety tips can help keep you safe.


6 November 2015

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