Minimize Trash Removal During Renovations To Save And Earn

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A renovation project in your home can cause a lot of waste, and you can avoid high trash removal costs and still get rid of your unwanted rubbish. Before you start tearing down drywall and removing appliances in the space, there are a few things that you want to do. You want to see if any of the items in your home can be reused by other people, if you can make money off the outdated items you don't want, and if you can help keep some of the debris out of a landfill.

Here are three things you want to do with your old house materials before you order a large trash bin or dumpster:


There are many different components that are decades old that can be recycled. Glass windows and tiles, plastic plumbing components, and wood are all recyclable. If you have any copper piping, large metal appliances, aluminum windows or aluminum siding, these are also items that you can take to a metal scrap yard to be recycled, and you can get some cash back when you turn them in. This keeps large items out of your trash bin or dumpster, and hazardous chemicals out of the planet.


There are many people willing to purchase old window frames for crafts, wood for new construction, or an old vintage bath tub for their new home. Put the items that you think still have life, or that someone would want to pay for, on local classified ads or have a sale. You get money when you sell the items, and you don't have to pay for the items to take up space in your dumpster or bin.


There are many people that don't have the money to get a new refrigerator, and they would gladly take yours even though it doesn't look brand new. Donating items from the home to a local organization that helps families can also earn you a tax write off.

The larger the trash bin you need for your renovation project, the more money you will have to spend. Try these different methods to get rid of the heavy or large items, and some of the waste that your project will create, so you can pay less for the removal process and save money on your project. If your regular trash bin won't hold the waste that you have, call to have a dumpster brought in.

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8 January 2015

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